Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Year in the Merde!!

I finished reading A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke last week and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone! Especially, ESPECIALLY those who have been to Paris! It's so hilarious - the only book I've encountered so far (not including Calvin & Hobbes) that makes me laugh out loud even when reading on my own.

Another great thing to look forward to - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!!! Yes!! I'm going to watch Quidam in Singapore next month and boy am I looking forward to it big time! I'm also hoping to catch Alegria in London next year. I'm so blessed.

Except for last weekend. My PC has been frustrating me to no end. Aarrghhh.... but anyway, I'm a bit distracted and can't write a remotely interesting post today so I'll end it here.

Oh Mom's friend from Germany is visiting so she's claimed Elle's room, so we're sharing my room now. What joy. Pyjama parties every night?

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