Thursday, December 29, 2005

WNF 7163 - What an IDIOT!

If you double park and block someone's car, surely when you hear someone honking once, let alone 15 times, you'd buck up and check if your car's the culprit, right?

But NOOOOoooooOOO... this idiot driving the WNF 7163 nearly got his/her and my car scratched because I had to squeeze out of my LEGAL and PROPER parking space in Desa Sri Hartamas, after the other person who was also blocking me moved her car. Although this other lady was also blocking me, at least she had the courtesy to rush out of the shop and move her offending vehicle.

So red car owner of WNF 7163, be a little more considerate, will you?!

As I always promise pictures, here are some... irrelevant, but entertaining anyway.

Foxy the Spanish Senorita

Maxi the Science Guy

Arya the Menace

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