Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Blunders of the Corporation

Big companies may give their advertising accounts to big advertising agencies, but are big agencies always the best? Actually, I don't know for sure who CELCOM is paying for the creation and management of their corporate website, but look at the first page ( :

Two mistakes in the opening corporate statement - "At Celcom, we see mobile phone as more than just a phone." Notice the grammatical error? And "...we give you the power of true connention." Connention?

(Just a note for people who are a lil blur - "At Celcom, we see A/THE mobile phone..." and "...power of true conneCtion.")

I'm doing a report on Celcom for a school assignment and this error immediately jumped to my eyes - I hope whoever is responsible can change it soon. Not that it irritates the eyes, but isn't it better to have flawless communication when you're in the communication industry?

And, please, people out there... do be hands-on and check your websites, ads and other promotional/marketing materials for these mistakes. It just isn't very professional not to.


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