Friday, September 02, 2005

Missing in Action!! But I'm back!!

I'm back!!! Many apologies for leaving without a word, but I've been too busy!

Anyway I've been to Melbourne for 10 days and it was quite pleasant. Was nice to see old friends again and enjoy the cool weather. It was amazingly WINDY but the temperature wasn't too cold. It was sort of like Northern England in the summer!

I will upload some pics later on, but at the moment, my priorities are to catch up with work I missed last week - AARRGHHHH!!!

McDonald's must be doing a good job in Melbourne because this trip I didn't see any obese girls with fat bulging out of their jeans!

It could be that they were wrapped under jackets and furs but... I'll give those Aussie gals the benefit of the doubt.

So I go into McD's and they have fruit juices, deli sandwiches... what?! Isn't this McDonald's???

I have to give Ronald a pat on the back though, for giving us Cajun Chicken McNuggets which are really YUMMY! Now I'm just waiting for the nuggets to go on tour here.

Signing off now... back with pix soon!!

ps. Nice of Charly to visit while I'm gone! A big "Bonjour" to you, mon cher!

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