Sunday, December 18, 2005

Welcome home!

I'm writing this now while listening to the soundtrack from Narnia. What a great show! What amazing actors! I just can't get enough of Lucy Pevensie, she's so talented - and CUTE!

(I'm also disappointed that I can't seem to find free software to convert my mp3s into lower quality files so that I can put them up for our listening pleasure. One particularly good one for use on PCs is called Switch. It's really good, and I'd love to see more facilities available for Mac users soon.)

Well, once I get my PC up and running again, I'll upload a low quality mp3 ripped from my Narnia CD (for personal use only - as usual) so that I can read my floobles and comments with a Narnian mood ;)


What have I been doing the past few weeks?

Grandpa G's been to visit and it's been really great having him over. He left this morning, and thankfully I handled it well, although I really don't recommend seeing your boyfriend off a few times a year. Anyway...

And - I've got the apartment! I've got the apartment!

My parents have finally moved out, so I've been spending the last week renovating and learning handyman tips from Grandpa G. There's still quite a bit more to do, but I should be able to handle it. Unfortunately, there'll be no Christmas party at my place this year as it's taken much longer than I expected (thanks to maids who don't clear up and clean out as well as I'd hoped). Will put up some pictures as soon as my apartment's done.

Did you hear, for Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday, she got a £1 million flat in London? Whew!


And, yes, I will put up more and more and more pics... I know I've been slacking off. Oh! Wish List update!!

Check out the post entitled Wish List Christmas 2005.

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