Friday, October 22, 2004

A new identity

This is a continuation of the post "A story to tell...". If you haven't read that, please scroll down. Or you won't know what the heck's happening here. And it's SO important you do. Because you're here... so you might as well stay. Right?

Well now that I'm in the outside world you'd think I'd be safe from those men in white coats, don't you? Au contraire! I may have removed my mental records but they still wanna make me suffer! Talk about mental prejudice.

So obviously with today's technology and all, people can find you anywhere by scanning your retina right? You can walk into a subway station and they'll know you're there immediately. Advertising billboards yell out your name the minute they scan your eyes. Oh boy are my eyes painful. It's been such a long time since I was out.

Or am I talking about Minority Report?

I figure the best way to escape these jokers in the white coats is to change my eyes. Look at the result.

Old eye, new eye.

I got it off this guy called Arnold Schwarznegger. I'm pretty sure they won't realise I'm not him.

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