Friday, October 29, 2004


I told myself I'd never get into a long distance relationship because it's just too much work.

You know how when you say you'll never buy a car because it's so ugly, then a few years later you end up buying that car because it's suddenly very convenient. Or you tell yourself you'll never stay in a particular area of the city and a few years later, that area is developed and you find yourself with that address?

I think these kind of things are very humbling. Life's telling you not to be so proud that nothing's good enough for you.

It seems that many people are having long distance relationships nowadays. I don't know how they make it work. They're just amazing. Honestly, I think I'd find it really difficult after half a year or a year. But I know people who've been together nearly 4 years! And it's not the sort of 3 years together then one of them moved, but they actually got together while they were apart! They're incredible.

Loyalty is not easily found nowadays with people partying more, drinking more and taking life less seriously. According to the Durex Global Sex Survey [], people are having sex earlier each year and having more sexual partners than before.

All I have to say is, life is not all about satisfying your desires. In the end, we still need the love of a partner because let's face it, we ain't gonna be having sex when we're 80 years old now, are we?

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Anonymous said...

well could be true..but i would not know. I dont go out clubbing, i very rarely drink..and i sure dont have anyone to have sex with...but I am very experienced with long distance relationships.