Thursday, October 28, 2004

The arrival of Halloween

I'm pretty excited and looking forward to this year's Halloween. Why? Cuz it's on a Sunday and I can go partying! Yahoo! Well, I have to beat up that niggling voice in my head first telling me that I have assignments due on the Tuesday after.

Anyone else going to a party? Come along to Zouk on Oct 30 in costume and you get in free. Let's all go! Whack those little voices of righteousness!

Indian Voice Talents

In my opinion, Indians have the greatest talents of making a radio ad funny. Their accents are so wunnerful! Even saying something simple like, "I'm gonna eat you up, you small, crunchy, delicious muruku!" sounds so GREAT with an indian accent.

So tell me, why do people still insist on using voices which have so utterly FAKE indian accents??! They're spoiling the greatest accent of radio ads!! Ok maybe in this country it's difficult to find Indians, right? TAT! WRONG! Second, even if the voice DOES belong to an Indian, why does it sound so darn fake??! Third, why oh WHY can't they find an Indian with a REAL indian accent?! They're a dime a dozen, I tell you! These Indians with the delightfully funny fast-speaking ways of theirs. Ah, just can't help giggling every time I hear them on radio. Maybe that's why Lil Kev's so funny.

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