Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday night out!

It's supposed to be anyway. But yet when I came home after dinner, there were no parking spaces outside at all! Why's everybody in??!! Is going out not happening anymore? I thought it was way cool to go out for the sake of going out...??! Or is this an aging society we live in? Maybe the place I live in is just not cool enough.

Or maybe everyone's waiting till 1am to go out and party. Bet that's the cool thing now. Even though clubs give cheaper rates before 11pm, cool people HAVE to go after midnight right?? Why? Because it's cool! And subsequently take up all the parking spaces and make me WALK REALLY FAR IN THE RAIN!

Anyway I shouldn't be angry. I had a good day today. I received a cheque for some money... and I won tickets for Nick Warren @ Zouk tomorrow night! Haha... imagine. Just entered a contest and I got it. Hope I get the phones too. And the iPod. Even though I have one. HAHA being greedy. Evil me.


Was just talking to the Woman (the one with the limo) about how none of my friends are single so how am I supposed to get 2 tickets for an event and choose a guest? Maybe when my blog becomes more popular I'll put them up for grabs! HAHA!! Win a date with Boobs. HOOHOO...

But there are couples who are couple-couples and single-couples. Know what I mean? The couple-couples are always together and if one watches a movie without the other, the other will moan and groan. Then there are the single-couples who say "Okay baby you go do your shopping and go home yourself ok? I'll be with the guys at a strip club." Those are the kind of friends I need!! Seeing how I'm so lucky winning tickets here and there. Did I mention I won a cruise in a lucky draw before? Oh what am I talking about, of course I haven't mentioned it. It was the 2nd prize. Just missed out on the trip to Sydney. Darn.

Excuses SEXcuses

A lecturer once told me that SEX sells.

Anyway, this is NOT about sex. Grandpa G is looking for (s)excuses to miss work to go to a party!! Bad boy! But at least he's being cool, eh? Yeah! Be a rebel! Miss work and go party your heads off!! What he really should do is go in the next day and tell his supervisor, "Hey, mate, I came to work yesterday but there was no space to park because it's a Friday night and everyone was here working instead of partying. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to a party. Sound? Right, cheers mate."

Anyone able to help Grandpa G out with other excuses? He'd appreciate it. And so would we!!

YIKES! I just dropped white chocolate all over my table. Great.

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