Monday, October 25, 2004

The simple & unadulterated truth (aka The Story pt 3)

I feel that it is my duty, hereby, to let you all know the truth about what's been happening. As you all know, there was a fire at the mental hospital where I escaped from. What I never told is what happens INSIDE the hospital.

First of all, an introduction to some of the inmates. This is me and Director Noo. We were at a group therapy session for thinking we were celebrities. I thought I was Austin Powers. Director Noo thought he was Phua Chu Kang.

Here's another inmate. No one knows her real name, so she's known as Iwga, short for "I wanna go also".

Ah, those were the days. I do miss being in the loony bin sometimes. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. And days were exciting, what with Beach Babe, Director Noo, Iwga and the others. But the outside world is just as fine! Look at the sky! In the hospital we were never allowed to go out and we never had any windows. No wonder we stink so much.

Nick Warren @ Zouk

On to more 'normal' stuff, it was great at Zouk last night, the crowd was doin' their own thang and not bothering each other, they were friendly and very into the music. Not really what I feel when I go for those Ghetto Heaven and other R&B nights (sorry R&B advocates!). And the music had so much energy... well, I've never been to a trance party before, but I felt really good in there last night. Here are some pics. Met some classmates and other friends there, which was great.

Does the guy behind in the specs look UNDERAGE? Hoohoo...

About 20 people told him what a great necklace it is. It lights up and twinkles. Cool!

Went out for a breather from all that smoke. BLECH!! Now you can see it isn't my camera that's not good, it's the smoke that makes our pics blurry and our lungs black.

Woo woo!

Beautiful KLCC in the background. I just love the KLCC. It's my local Eiffel Tower. So romantic.

"Purple rain!" by Prince (I'll just call him that for simplicity reasons).

Talking about Prince, I do like some of his songs. And Boy George. Does anyone still remember Boy George? I can't remember his songs now but my parents said I used to love him so much when I was smaller. Boy! Guess I like slightly effeminate males. OOPS for Grandpa G! HAHA...

All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't grow up during the 80s (you know what I mean!) or I'd have to wear shoulder pads and what-nots with awful hair and what-nots and awful coloured tights and what-nots. YAY!

Oh yeah going back to Nick Warren night, I saw a couple doing the WORST on the podium, no less! There I was, enjoying myself and I turned around and I saw this guy standing behind his girlfriend (or mistress!). Her back was towards him and he was holding on to her boobs while dancing!! AAAHH!! So of course I had to look at her boobs, right? RIGHT? And she was a pretty hot lady but the guy was the pits! The ARMpits! Anyway, that wasn't all, he started feeling her and then she turned around and they started kissing (I feel sorry for the people dancing next to them... I wonder if Nick saw this??). Well, of course I wasn't STARING at them ("Porn movie right in front me! Come on guys, have a drool!") but occasionally I'd turn around and look... so the last time I looked, he had his hand in her pants!! And I mean WAY DOWN her pants!! And she was in ecstasy, I bet! EEW, man!!


Beautiful Dreamer said...

HAHAHAH ~!!!!!!! too bad tht night i didnt go with you gal!!! ^0^ You even had free show to watch ~!! awww !! LOL!!!! Next time !

Anonymous said...

Yr mentallly hospitalised mum thinks u've got good imagination....reckless driving?? that's something else..lets have more wild stories.. wat about frankenstein land next?

iv'N said...

let me guesss. it was a malay couple? XD

my friends saw a similar incident like that during Ferry Corsten set at Zouk. haha