Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Good evening webbies!

And how's everyone?? I can't believe I just created this blog when I've got so much work left to do before my term ends!

Guess I'm just normal...

Anyway, since I discovered the joy of computers (about 10 years ago) I've never looked back. I do virtually everything on the computer because it's just SO CONVENIENT, don't you think? Yup, I knew you'd agree. Even if you were shaking your head. Anyway, I used to keep a written diary, but as I flipped through the pages the other day, I realised the last entry was...mmm... 3 years ago? I have nothing to remember the last 3 years of my life by!! And so, having turned 21 this year, I've decided I should jot down my thoughts and events in my life in the most convenient way possible... and share them with my fellow webbies out there (Ooh, I just love the internet).

Okay, time for dinner now. Mom's yelling and the walls are reverberating from the tones. Be back later.

Right, I'm back...

I just received this email from my aunt about cancer causing snacks. WHAT??!! How can this be?? Please please, let Twisties not be on the list!

Scan scan scan..........

Phew! But anyway, how many of you really believe these so-called 'facts'? I got another one a few months ago about the chemical that causes cancer in shampoos. What??! Are we not supposed to use shampoo anymore?

Ah... I'm so full.

I feel a little better about myself today. I went for a walk and a run with my dogs. For the first time in their lives, I actually tired them out!! Hahaha... I've been eating so much and neglecting my poor dogs so I thought I should get off my butt and do something about it. Yeah!

Don't you just hate popups?

I don't mean those normal ones which the Google toolbar can block - apparently these irritants are getting smarter. How do they manage to sneak past Google and still pop up?? Don't they know that even if the pop up is really beautiful, just being a pop up in itself already makes people close it automatically because, simply put... it's an irritant!

Not only do I hate popups, I hate those search windows that open up when you search for something using the Google toolbar. I dunno how many people find these things useful, but as for me, they're just... irritants!

Ok, I really should be getting back to work now. Enough procrastinating! Enough enough!


Beautiful Dreamer said...

WOO HOO~!!!! Arlo Cattie~! ^0^
Good to se you get a blog~!! I can peep inside~! Muahahah~!!!!
Oh ya~!! i just hate pop-ups~! hate it hate it hate it~!! SO annoying....so so so annoying~! Arghh...
Well.....keep blogging ~!! just keep blogging dear..=D

Anonymous said...

hey junni..this is samgan. ur blog thingy is not bad..but it feels kinda weird to read it cos its like reading someone's diary..anyway,keep it up. i dint know elle permed her hair..thts al. bye cya!