Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Introduction to Shoobaba Studies 191

The best picture of Foxy I've ever taken. You know how when you take pics of animals, they have their eyes reflected in the camera, so you have to turn off the flash to get good eyes, but when you turn off the flash, the pic becomes blur because the shutter speed has to be lowered? Yeah. Well, this is good because it's PERFECT! What a model.

Look at this shirt! It's printed crooked!

The bunch of us at GDD6A are so stressed out because our term ends in 2 weeks. It's come to the point that there's so much work we don't know where to start. Then we end up sitting in front of the laptop staring into space. Or playing minesweeper. Or digging our nose trying to get the dried up "pei see" out.

Trina's class!

Boy oh boy... was the test hard or what?! I actually finished early because I looked at the time wrongly and thought I had 10 mins left and 1 more page to go! What a panic I gave my silly self. Then we did that peer assessment form. Yikes! These things should be left anonymous... you know, you want to give someone 2/100 but oops! that person's sitting right next to you so you have to give him oh... 95/100 instead. HAHA... just kidding.

There are workers in my house now fixing the heater and water pressure that always ALWAYS gets spoilt. Haha my sister was showering when it broke down and she had to suffer HOOHOO... as for me, I narrowly escaped it by 'mandi kerbau' - no soap, no shampoo, no conditioner, no water...

Anyway, as I was saying, don't you just know the minute you step into the house that there are workers in it? It's the smell. Definitely. A very cement-y, sweat-y, warm smell. YES? NO?

Newsflash : Trina's journal!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! No time no time no time no time...

Are you sick of seeing the same templates everywhere?

Tell me about it!

I would hereby like to start a petition to Blogspot to create more templates! More more more! It's never enough!

However, not to worry my readers... I will find time to have my own template. Soon. Next month maybe. Mmm.

Terror of the Thames!

Okay, not the Thames, but KL roads. I got that line from CATS.

Anyway, I was driving so terribly recklessly today. I feel so ashamed of myself. I'm so lucky I didn't get into a car crash.

While driving I kept playing with my iPod, the earphones, the songs, my handphone... whew! And my eyes actually left the road quite a number of times! Terror of terrors! Brrrrr... and the worst part was that I was actually taking pictures with my camera while driving! With people trying to cut into my lane! I could've hit one of em. Crazy, I tell you!! Crazy!! Crazy!!

(I was trying to take a picture of a van which had the logo CCN which looks exactly like the CNN logo. Now I wonder... what's so darn interesting about that that I have to risk my life?)


I'm one of those people who like everything organised and if I asked for something I expect to get it, and if I don't ask for something, I expect NOT to get it.

Which is why I HATE TOOLBARS!! I was just visiting some other joker's blog when a toolbar got installed onto my IE and messed it up! What??!!! That is SO unethical okay!

Then a stupid popup keeps... whaddya know... POPPING UP and telling me I have a security breach or some such nonsensical blabber. Grr grr grrrrrrrr.........

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