Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zouk's 5th Birthday (Weekly roundup #3)

Yes, another weekly roundup because I've been too busy to update as regularly as I would love to.

After the plumber last week, guess what... time to fork out money again for my parking fines!! First up was MBPJ (formerly MPPJ, for those not in the know)... R kindly offered to go for me since his office is in the MBPJ tower anyway. He got it down to RM30! Whoopee! That's less than a movie for two at GSC Signature, by the way.


Jaunty Josh had put our names down on the VIP guestlist for Zouk's 5th anniversary bash, so R and I headed there... 2 hours after we were supposed to (one's gotta be fashionably late, doesn't one? Okay, to be honest, it's actually, one's gotta have dinner, doesn't one?). We lined up at the Media and VIP invites booth looking very important and glad not to be queueing up with the commoners.

And then...

The woman there couldn't find our names! Grrr... she kept asking are you on the members' guestlist? And I kept saying, no, we should be on the VIP guestlist... and still she kept looking IN THE SAME LIST. It finally registered in her thick skull that we were on another list, and she picked up another piece of paper and found our names immediately. Phew. And a what the...?! How annoying of you to keep us VIPs standing there searching for our names? And then... she picks up the blue bands and sticks them on our wrists. Hey... it's the red bands that say VIP, I wanted to tell her. But I'm not that arrogant heehee. As long as I get in, and get to see what's happening in there, that's all that matters.

So we walk in and bump straight into Jaunty Josh with the customary hot blogger chick on his arm. Sometimes there are two. That night there were three. So he obviously had no time to chat to us. Just made some introductions all round, and we left him to check the rooms out.

The mainroom was pounding, really good music there. Got a drink, took a while as they usually do... bopped our heads a bit and watched people dancing. Then went exploring at Barsonic - which was completely empty! What a huge difference from when we were last there for that Japanese dude, whatsisname... oh yeah, Shinichi Osawa. Wasn't feeling any vibe up there so we moved to Phuture, which should always be packed since this is KL, after all. It was decently filled with a before midnight crowd, so we ordered a drink at the bar. Bumped into Giggsy Tan there too.

After about an hour we decided to give Barsonic another try, since it's our favourite room in the club. And yikes, it was another disappointment! Even after midnight, it was just as empty as before. Did see someone interesting though... one of my ex-crushes was there, taking me by surprise, but I was glad to realise that I had absolutely no feelings for him anymore. I just wanna find out what the bloody heck his problem was last December. Pfft... doesn't matter though. We just exchanged waves and then practised ignorance.

Finally went back down to Zouk and woohoo! Lapsap were there producing customary Barsonic sounds in Zouk mainroom. A little unbalancing, but awesome all the same! Ended the night enjoying their mixes... just had a whole lot of fun. Thanks Jaunty Josh!


On Friday I had scheduled myself to pay the DBKL fine. Had to go into town to the main office in order to get my fine lowered to RM30, so I made the trip. It was a real experience for R! We thought the counter was at the lobby (as was told by the guy at the drive-in counter), but instead, R had to run up 22 floors (lifts were rosak, of course) in order to get the ticket stamped to reduce it to RM30, then run back down to pay at the lobby counter. Hmm... I had to make it up to him of course, which I surely did, with a yummy meal at Dome after that.

Didn't have much time after Dome before we had to get ready and leave again for Always Wasted Yassir's birthday party at Poppy. Ridiculously expensive parking there though... we shoulda just parked at 7atenine since we ended up having one last drink there after Poppy anyway. While there, we both got picked up by a drunken Scot. And then abused by a drunken Englishman. And consequently made peace with two Italians.


Next up will be some miscellaneous photos from my birthday party (the official album is on Facebook) and some other randoms. Check back soon (hopefully)!

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