Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just ruined my week.

I'd thought this week was my lucky week, being my birthday week - first, I found out that it's also school holidays, which means that I have no art classes to prepare for! Not only that, I don't have to wake up freaking early on Saturday, so I can party nicely on Friday (my birthday) itself!

Then, I decided to spend all week celebrating, well, pre-celebrating for the coming of my 26th birthday... not sure what's up yet, but it'll surely be fun! My birthday itself on Friday will be spent with close friends, with lots (and lots) of wine and talking nonsense all night... what could be better than that? :P The next day, I'll be celebrating with collegemates, another fun bunch of guys who talk even more nonsense. Here's hoping Dan The Drinker honours us with more yoga poses this year.

So all in all, I'm in a rather good mood this week. Work is not exceedingly stressful, life is great! And then...

I received a summons.

From DBKL (City Council), no less. Whose summonses are worse than the police's.

I was only gone a measly half an hour!!

And I have to pay RM100 for a spot that WAS NOT EVEN BLOCKING ANYONE.

I always find this happening - a driver gets fined for going 10km/h above speed limit, when the ones going 60km/h over... don't. I, who parked in a residential neighbourhood, far from any traffic, at 11am, get fined a whopping RM100, when the damn cars on Jalan Telawi (post office row), who hold up traffic and force two lanes into one... don't.

So I parked where I shouldn't have. But at least be fair and fine EVERYONE instead of the people who are easy to fine, ie. the people driving insignificant cars (meaning they're not lawyers, politicians, or children of lawyers, politicians).

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kelvin lapsap said...

hey shoobaba what is a RM100 summons from the traffic police... when compared to receiving a pretty very extremely angry sum of "summons" from the tax man !!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

happy pre-bday wish for you !