Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My toilet's sucking me dry

My toilet's done me in again!

The pipe below my sink, which holds it up (it's a wall-attached sink), came loose a few days ago and started leaking water out. Got it temporarily fixed with tape (Mr Tape is one of my favourite people in history) and called the plumber in this morning. I only had RM250 in my purse, but figured a bit of fixing up shouldn't cost too much, even if he has to buy another pipe.

Well, of course he had to buy a new pipe because, hey, this is me, and this is my birthday month... I seem to fork out a lot of money around this time of year. By the way, I didn't mention that I got another fine, this time by MBPJ. Same RM100 shit.

Anyway, he calls me from the shop to say he's found the matching pipe, and do I want to confirm his services for RM280? My eyes popped out of their sockets. Luckily I was wearing my specs then, so managed to catch them before they rolled away. Okay, that was a little gross and gory.

Obviously, I had to have it changed, so I said alright, for RM250.

So my purse is now as light as the Samsonite® Aeroline (a little advertising there, I dunno why). Just a couple months ago, I had to spend RM600 on unclogging my toilet bowl. Which didn't even really help, because in the end, they found out that the original plumbers had installed the wrong size toilet bowl for me, and I couldn't change my whole toilet bowl, it being only a couple years old.

Grrrrrr......... well, hopefully the dinner and movie tonight will lift my spirits a little :P

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frachely said...

toilet is BIG BUSINESS.

(failed pun)