Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What did I get for my birthday?

Okay, so here's the usefulness of having Wish Lists. Anyone who hasn't done so yet, should!

Seems the older you get, the less presents you receive. But the presents that you do receive are bigger and better! So no complaints there :)

  • A shower FM radio ➤ thanks to Schrobbenmaster Rik
  • Artsy/designer/vintage tableware (plates, cups, cutlery) ➤ thanks to Frachely and John T (who was nice enough to take photos at my party too)
  • Any perfume in a beautiful bottle (btw, my Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is finished) ➤ still open for any generous soul
  • Wine glasses (at least ONE matching pair) ➤ thanks to Yelleh Belleh
  • Comfy, soft, thick bathroom rugs (the larger the better) ➤ thanks to Tequila Lin and Dan the Drinker
  • A short break to Bangkok, Thailand ➤ well, wasn't a gift, but I am going next week! ;)
  • 3 months in Paris, France ➤ open for another generous soul (Mumsy Bumsy did sponsor some of my ticket to Melbourne, so it's just as great!)
  • La Senza shopping vouchers (a gal can't have too much lingerie) ➤ anyone?
  • Vodka or whisky (as stock for my next party - which the giver will most definitely be invited to) ➤ got some wine instead, which is just as good
  • A large living room rug, preferably dark (black/brown/grey) and furry/hairy ➤ anyone??
  • All-white plain/textured (NO patterns) tissue box covers ➤ guess this will go to my Christmas Wish List 2009
  • Big white artificial flowers (roses/lilies/etc) - 20 of them would be lovely :P ➤ as will this!

Awesome gifts, thanks everyone!!

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frachely said...

he.he.he. it just feels good to see our names fall into the artsy category he.he.he. they matches so well don't they nyehehehe

btw my name starts with a small 'f'! it's part of my C.I! :P