Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pim and I miss Schrobbenmaster

At the risk of sounding unusually mushy, I miss Schrobbenmaster tonight :( He left earlier this afternoon to film a gaming event in Belgium that he'd made a commercial for. See commercial below. The home is just so quiet (even with music on). Pim goes missing and appears at different times... cats just aren't the same kind of company as dogs.


Before we go on to other events, here are some random photos of daily life.

The parking spaces around our home are so friggin narrow. We drive a small car but look at how much space we have on the left and right! It's no wonder there are so few large luxury cars here, unlike KL, where every car which is not a MyVi is a huge SL class Benz or BMW X5.

Schrobbenmaster walking back to the car after getting a ticket at the blue P down the road behind him. I miss him :(

Pim in one of his explorer modes. He gets a little braver every day, even clambering up onto our coffee/dining table a few times one evening after getting scolded each time.

Where's Pim?? I think this was early on when he moved in with us and was still searching for places to hide from us.

These are really nice photos of Pim. Clear and sharp. Also during the early days when he used to wait for us on top of the kitchen counter. He doesn't do that now, ever since he found that sleeping under the bed is nicer.

I'm getting kinda tired now and should really curl up in bed with my book instead of cramping up in front of the computer. Gonna bring my little Tivoli PAL with me to keep me company, since I doubt Pim is gonna be very entertaining tonight.

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elleLee said...

Pim is seriously cute.