Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A broken heater is not what you want in NL

On my way to work now from Schrobbenmaster's parents' house in Hoorn. It's nice to be driven to work finally, now that Schrobbenmaster has his driving license.

We spent the night at Hoorn because for the past few days, we've been struggling with no main heater in the house. It was on the blink for a while and we had to keep resetting it, and finally when the guy arrived to fix it, it actually broke down completely a few hours later. Doesn't that always happen? Better not to call anyone to fix it!

So we were pretty much living in the Dark Ages for the past 5 days, boiling water and mixing it with cold water in a tub and splashing ourselves to shower. And washing our hair every other day over the sink in freezing cold water. Brainfreeze several times over!

And we still don't have any idea when the official heater guys in a van will call us up to make an appointment.

But first things first, it's time to face another day at the office. Armour and shields, on!

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Mumsy said...

FINALLY... an update :)