Monday, May 10, 2010

Magic Mouse, TomTom and old photos of work

Yo, peeps, my first blog post with my first wireless mouse attached... the Magic Mouse! Hehehe... I'm such a geek sometimes. I don't think I've ever bought an Apple mouse. Always used the ones provided with the desktop or given to me by others. So it's kind of an achievement for me. Just like I bought my first television last year with my own money :P only thing is, it's now back in KL and I only used it for around 5 months :(

Anyways, I planned for this Sunday to be a homey one, baking chocolate chip cookies and playing Red Alert 3 with Schrobbenmaster, but in the end, we woke up too late, and then I Skyped with Dad and the family, and later got invited out for coffee with Schrobbenmaster's friends. After coffee, we headed to Dixons, where I bought my Magic Mouse and Schrobbenmaster bought a TomTom. I'm still getting used to the movement and ergonomics of this mouse, but well, I spent a friggin €63 (after 10% discount) on it, so I'm bloody well gonna make myself feel comfortable using it!

Here are some pictures of my first day travelling to work. Had to take the train to Amsterdam in the morning, and after work, we took the company car home and we've been using it ever since. I don't miss using the train and walking in the cold every day.

Waiting for the metro to arrive at Sloterdijk, to take us to the stop closest to work.

And the following photos are my view from where I sit in the office.

I sit right next to the window, and when the sun streams in, it hits my back and my feet, which are awesome places to receive heat :P I can't imagine what it'll be like during winter, but thankfully, I see a heater there under the window, so I think I'll be alright.

Was cold in the afternoon so decided to have a bit of soup and some bread to warm me up. Was pretty yummy tomato soup too.

After work, we decided to swing by the Korean takeaway for a bit of a celebration meal.

My side mirror view while waiting in the car for Schrobbenmaster to get the food. Because we didn't have enough money on the card to pay for parking.

The Korean place is called Gamasot, right at the corner with the red things on the windows. It's absolutely delicious and I'm so happy it's walking distance from our place, plus really affordable for such good food.

And that's me, driving on the left side of the car, on the right side of the road. It's not so confusing inside the car itself, but taking intersections and crossings is extremely confusing when you're so used to driving on the other side of the road. Trust me.

We drive a little Toyota IQ which is really quite a nice car. It's as wide as a medium-sized car, but is almost as wide as it is long. Meaning it's a rather square car. Very weird but very cute. And a lot of fun to drive. Makes it easier to park in this country of little, narrow parking spaces too.

Now I gotta hang up the laundry, but stay tuned for the next post of a windmill tour!


frachely said...

Not sure if this is relevant but it reminds me of this scene in "When in Rome" (which is super hilarious btw) when the Italian guy said he had a car which is molto grande but it turned out to be a toy car & the American said: who made this car? Fisher-price?


shoobaba said...

That sounds familiar... unless I saw it in a trailer. Which is highly likely.