Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Panic in the morning

What an adventure this morning!

Papa Bert was arriving early at our place to exchange bikes with us. So nice of him to offer me his oma fiets in exchange for my bike. When he was downstairs, he gave us a call, and we hurried out of the house to get the bike from the basement.

But amidst all the rush of jacket-wearing, shoe-wearing and getting the rubbish bag to throw, we got so distracted that Schrobbenmaster quickly shut the door after I stepped out and then went all pale.

"Where are my keys?"

We have this really scary door that locks whenever it shuts. I never liked this kind of door because it always made me paranoid that this exact situation would happen. Every single time I went out alone, I'd step out, check my keys are in my bag and only then shut the door. And every time we both go out, I ask Schrobbenmaster if he has the keys, and he always does.

Except for this morning.

Omg, we knew that Moeder Irma had the other set of keys, but they were all the way in Hoorn, over 2 hours drive from Rotterdam. And Papa Bert had an appointment after dropping off the bike. What a mess!

Suddenly, the lightbulb above Schrobbenmaster's head went *bing bing* and he remembered that he'd given a set of keys to eenbrauw for watering the plants while he was in KL. He just wasn't sure if he'd returned it or not.

Thank God eenbrauw was able to answer our call even though he was in a test *sheepish* and told us that indeed, he has our keys in a cabinet in his home. And thank God he has a housemate who was home.

We had to drive a little distance, but we got the keys eventually and all breathed a sigh of relief!

Daymn, if I never experience this sort of panic again, I'll be a very happy lady.

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