Monday, May 03, 2010

"If you wear Crocs and step into the pond, can you walk on water?" or Hoorn (Part 2)

Last night I went to a birthday party in The Hague. It sounds awfully grand when you consider the World Tribunal is there. Much better than saying, "I went to a birthday party in Putrajaya.". Got loadsa pics from the party, but will blog about that after I'm done with the past few weeks' worth of posts!

Back to Hoorn then...

When we arrived at the house after a horrendous 1-hour drive after work (which normally takes 15 minuts), Moeder Irma was cooking something fragrant for dinner.

Sweet and sour meatballs with noodles. And in the right corner there you can see my new favourite snack, Bali Kroepoek!

View outside from the dining table. I love those two horses. So arty.

That morning at the office, a package had arrived for me. I was so looking forward to receiving it! It was the art piece I'd ordered over Etsy from lauraamiss. Such a lovely piece. She'd previously sold almost the same design, which is the street she lives on in Amsterdam, so I asked if she could make another, and also include my two dogs, whom I dearly miss back in KL, Maxi and Foxy.

She packaged it soooo nicely! I love it when people pay attention to details like these.

So pretty, right? It's all drawn and then sewn in. The lines are threads and the patches of colour are patches of fabric.

Then dinner was ready and we tucked in.

Schrobbenmaster being super full.

And here are a few pictures I found, that should have been in the previous post, about when we cycled into the town centre :P

This is on the really nice bike route we took.

I seriously don't know what's up with Schrobbenmaster's phone camera. I promise, the road is not slanted like that in real life.

I look so pro, biking with one hand like that, but it sure takes some effort. I tried releasing both hands but went a bit dangerously wobbly. Heh.

Cacat camera.

Anyway, after we came back from town, Schrobbenmaster's parents weren't home yet so we sat in the garden with a couple of beers. It was such a nice, sunny day!

If you look closely (or have a good imagination), you can see me on the left side of the mirror there, sitting behind the table.

Two kinky frogs.

One serious work call.

And now ordering our Chinese takeaway dinner.

Hideous menu. It's also quite interesting how on the front of the menu, they decided to insert an image of their delivery motorbikes instead of an appetising dish. I wonder if this is a reflection of the Dutch mentality - they'd rather know this restaurant delivers, rather than knowing it has tasty food.

There were about 200 dishes in there. Schrobbenmaster and I just stared at the menu with our eyes glazed over. In the end, we chose the easiest. The set menu for three.

After ordering, we went all goofy in the garden.

I think he hit his hand on the arch above him.

Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to kick the Croc in my direction...

... as it bounced off me and went straight into the water. Right side up though. Prompted the question, "If you wear Crocs and step into the pond, can you walk on water?"

I made him do it again with a wet Croc.

Being a good boy, watering Mama's plants.

Playing peek-a-boo from the computer room upstairs.

And then dinner arrives...

Do remember that we ordered a set menu for THREE people only.

Don't think this is a lot?

This is after four people had their fill.

Does this remind you of Jesus and the fish and loaves of bread or what?


Mumsy said...

u did that same jump in melbourne, at the park :)

Mumsy said...

and its a very nice house at hoorn

elleLee said...

oh god no. you got crocs.

shoobaba said...

Moeder Irma and Papa Bert got them for us for walking in the house (so our feet don't touch the cold floor).