Friday, May 07, 2010

The bitch strikes again.

Completely disrespectful of me and completely judgmental. Guess that is life, you never have a perfect circle of people surrounding you. Anyway, I gave her a second chance and that was blown right out of the window yesterday by complete bad and rude behaviour. I never call people bitches, so when I do, you know it's valid.

Gotta let my rants out sometimes, but it's always good to let go and do your best not to let the negative and "good riddance" people affect you more than they deserve.

On a happier note, here are some random photos taken over the past few days of my life.

Schrobbenmaster bought an espresso machine and here's my first attempt at making a mochaccino. Kinda put too much milk in it. And also forgot to put in my chocolate powder till after I'd made the whole drink, hence the powder spill among the milk spill.

This is a 24" (the size of my iMac back in KL for those who need a reference), touchscreen MSI machine. It's rather cool, as you can just touch whatever you want without moving a mouse. Typing would be difficult though. Schrobbenmaster was provided this as a product demo for a press event our company is organising.

Okay, because my blog posts have been so lagging and jumping from place to place, most of you probably don't know who this is.

May I introduce you to Pim.

He's the gentlest, silliest cat with the prettiest face I've ever seen. Schrobbenmaster's friend needed us to give him a place to stay for an indefinite period of time, so we took him in about 2 weeks ago. After hiding in various spots in the house from us, he's now very used to being around us and miaowing for strokes on his head and neck.

In fact, this morning, I woke up brushing away some insect on my forehead, only to open my eyes to see Pim staring down at me, asking my forehead for cuddles. He doesn't jump on the bed normally, but apparently this morning, he decided to do so.

The armrest of the sofa has also become one of his new favourite lounge spots. We had to cover the sofa in blankets because of him and his nails. At least yesterday he finally learnt that the scratching pole is his friend.

Ooh, I'm hungry. Brought leftover dinner from last night. I got my first salary yesterday and bought Korean takeaway for dinner. Decided to splurge and order a third dish of pancake with kimchi. Couldn't finish it, of course, so brought it in today.

Can't wait.


Janice said...

Ulgh can't stand bitchy rude people. I have one of those at my office too... oh, I'm craving Korean food now after reading your post. Haven't had it in years...

frachely said...

sabai sabai my dear. ur mocchacino looks disastrous tho! :p

shoobaba said...

Bitchy rude people suck especially when there're not a lot of people around to distract you.

Isn't sabai a Thai word? For 'welcome'? Or is that something else...?

frachely said...

it means sth like a state of 'happiness', 'tranquility'. I think M'sians call it chillax haha

And every time i see that mocchacino i feel like making myself a cup of Hot milo!!