Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teriyaki Trial

Quote of the week:
Embrace those who love you
And whom you love,
And rid yourself of those
Who will only bring you down.

Teriyaki chicken dinner last night didn't go too well.

Firstly, we were missing a few ingredients, one of the key ones being the rice wine. I left out ginger and chilli flakes on purpose, but those weren't too important. Then I made a big mistake! After cooking the marinade, I put the chicken in immediately, and instantly regretted it! I totally forgot that the sauce had to cool down before marinating. Great. So a few chicken pieces became half-cooked from the heat of the sauce.

Which was probably what made the chicken a bit hard when I cooked it later in the evening.

And then we found out that the rice we had was, what... 3 years old? Wasn't moldy yet, and we didn't wanna go to the supermarket again that day, so we cooked it, and while it was edible, it was also pretty dry.

My dish. Looks almost normal.

Schrobbenmaster Rik didn't wanna waste the sauce and decided to eat his dish in teriyaki soup. Not such a great idea as it turned out.

Word of the day: Hoi = Hey

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