Wednesday, July 08, 2009

READ: Ryan Runs Europe

While I was in Singapore last week, I was occasionally bored at home when there was nothing on TV. I decided to look for an interesting blog (and even if I didn't find any, I would've used up my bored time doing something, albeit useless, anyway).

On Blogger's main page, they have a Blogs of Note section, which is where I found a new blog to follow (apart from Gaijin Smash):

Ryan Runs Europe

Ryan, a long-time fan of long-distance running, has decided in the summer of 2009, to run from Amsterdam to Athens with nothing but a backpack. An architecture student from NYC, his story already sounds pretty interesting, but once I started reading his posts, I realised that he was also a really funny, honest and entertaining person. Just check out his blog, and I really guarantee you won't be stuck with nothing to do on a day you don't feel like doing anything.

Days of note (read: Days that made me giggle out loud): Day 42, Day 36

If you have to scroll down or click 'Older Posts' to view these, they're every bit worth the effort!

GOOD LUCK RYAN! If you were passing by my way, I'd definitely offer you a room for the night :)


kel. said...

on his website he mentioned all sorts of things he's packed into his backpack , like toothbrush, razor, socks ..etc etc , but ... no underwear ! haha.

just reading about him doing almost a marathon distance (sometimes more) EVERY SINGLE DAY just simply puts people like me in awe. People like me who will spend half a year in hope to finally be able to cover a marathon distance at one go ... long way to go buddy !

Nice recommendation shoobaba, this guy will be my inspiration for the next few months, when i think what i am feeling is "pain" ( eyes rolling ).

Stephen Chapman... said...

It really is a stunningly brilliant blog. Well worth reading from the start.