Friday, July 17, 2009

Graduation exhibition at Hogeschool

Schrobbenmaster Rik had booked a place to exhibit at the school so that potential employers could look at their thesis and all that. Apparently the school pays for the displays and stuff, a far cry from our art gallery showing (at Ramsay Ong's gallery) where we had to pay for everything ourselves (cheapskate school, grumble grumble).

He'd made a video animation summarising his thesis subject on the differences between Westerners and Asians which caught many people's eyes, so that was nice.

The multimedia lab.

Schrobbenmaster Rik talking to a potential employer (?) while I sit in the corner talking to my friend, the glass of red wine.

More people looking at the exhibits.

Buffet after the exhibition. Was so delicious! I almost felt like I was eating at a hotel, because buffets in KL all consist of Asian food, whereas here, it's all Western meat, potatoes, salad and, basically, hotel stuff. Yum!

After the exhibition, we walked to a cafe for coffee. Some friends wanted to watch Harry Potter after (which was sold out in the end), so we watched Transformers instead. Dull dull dull.

View from the bridge.

Waiting for the cinema doors to open. Gawd, it wasn't very nice. The show was at 10pm, and commercials and trailers only started at 10.20pm. Furthermore, the airconditioning was turned off. Fortunately the cinema wasn't full.

The next day (yesterday), was the actual graduation ceremony, so once again, Schrobbenmaster Rik biked me to the school. I'd tried the day before to bike on my own bike, but I wasn't used to the size and had to learn a different way of mounting and dismounting (which hurt my butt). So, not confident about biking across town just yet, I sat on the back of his bike (and hurt my butt even more). But it was kinda romantic, going through Rotterdam on the back of a bike.

He bikes real fast.

The Walk of Fame that every graduate moaned about because it was so cheesy. Hehe.

After the ceremony we hung around a bit then left for home. I bought Schrobbenmaster Rik a nice Italian dinner round the corner to celebrate. Really nice food, but so couldn't finish it. Sigh. The restaurant's owned by two Italians called Tony, and so they called it 'The 2 Tonys' (in Italian... can't remember the exact name). And they have an incredibly cute original Fiat 500 in all sorts of colours, with the license plate 'Toni' :P

Cute Vespa model in the restaurant.

Quirky paintings.

Well-stocked bar.


frachely said...

Now I feel superior because I can bike mwahahha

Did we pay for the exhibition? I forgot already haha

I wanna see Rik's animation! Intriguing!


shoobaba said...

We didn't 'pay' for the exhibition, but in order to display our work, we had to pay for the mounting, the printing etc... I framed my work, so I had to buy photo frames and prepare them.

If Elaine hadn't organised Ramsay's gallery for us, I don't even know if we would have had an exhibition... do you?

Oh, I already watched Harry Potter last night hehe.

Wait a bit for Rik's animation. Not sure how to put it up on blogger.