Saturday, February 26, 2005

First week of school

This week I've embarked on my journey of my final year at art college. AAAAHHHHHHH! It's sort of welcome, and also unwelcome, if you know what I mean.

Well, it seems to be really serious this year. We've got loads of work to do and looks like there ain't gonna be no rest for us seniors. I don't mind having a lot of work to do, as long as I've got TIME to do it.

(Is anyone sick of hearing rappers speak with bad English? Like this from Eminem : "...when we was teenagers..." I'm sure he knows that's not right. But why say it? Does it sound cool? Is it good to teach the young ones bad English? I'm sick of hearing people calling it 'American' blablabla... it's English, and English it should remain.)

ANYWAY. Yes, it's true, there's a whole lot of assignments we'll be given this year, and we'll be expected to produce a dazzling portfolio at the end of it so that we can all get good jobs in good agencies etc. How stressful. I hope I can cope with it as time goes by.

3 months to Grandpa G's arrival!

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