Monday, February 07, 2005

My Wish List...#4? And about Chinese New Year.

So here's presenting the fourth(?) installment of My Wish List :

  1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended DVD
  2. More Calvin and Hobbes
  3. Less addiction to eBay
  4. More (affordable) party heels and less office heels in the shops
  5. A ticket to England that's less than RM2000
  6. Lots of loaded 'ang paos' this CNY
  7. A new flush handle for the toilet

Chinese New Year

With CNY just round the corner (February 9 and 10), I'll be back in Daddy's hometown - Penang - Pearl of the Orient - recently hit by the tsunami. Not hit very badly, thank goodness, but affected all the same. I think it needs more dried beancurd and mandarins this Rooster year ;)

So here's a toast to lots of ang paos and a list for you on CNY symbols :

  • Black moss seaweed and Egg Rolls = Wealth
  • Dried Beancurd = Happiness
  • Chicken = Happiness and Marriage or Family reunion (if served whole)
  • Eggs = Fertility
  • Fish (served whole) = Prosperity
  • Lychee nuts = Close family ties
  • (Longevity) Noodles - A long life (esp when lifted high above the table with chopsticks!!)
  • Oranges = Prosperity
  • Peanuts = Long life (again - although why eat to long life when Buddhists/Taoists believe in reincarnation?)
  • Pomelo - Prosperity and Fertility
  • Seeds - lotus seeds/watermelon seeds etc = Many children
  • Mandarins/Tangerines = Luck

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