Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Paris, Paris, Paris!

Did I mention, after much thought, I decided to give up on the Mukluks? Yep.

Anyway, my ticket to England is booked! I'm going in July, hopefully the weather's cool enough. I've also been thinking and thinking about going back to Paris and do the parts I missed out on last time (and also do some parts I did last time). Only thing is, Grandpa G, who'll probably be taking me if I go, doesn't really like France! Pfff...!

I just visited some websites for Paris hotels, and just looking at the pictures and finding rates and availability reminded me of when I was planning my last trip there and it made me want to go even more!! Thing is, I probably won't have any money at all for the trip, so I really will have to rely on Grandpa G, whom I hope will be willing to spend a bit of money just for lil me.

I'm getting so excited about seeing Paris again. I don't know what it is about the place - maybe the scenery, the buildings, the air... but I just really miss it! I know my good friend Malaysian Devil will be positively delighted to hear me say this HEHE... yes, yes, I know, Paris is a wonderful city.

I like walking down the little lanes, seeing the windy roads, cars parked inches from each other... then you get the really huge, wide roads, the Arc de Triomphe (absolutely love it) and Champs-Elysees... and of course, I have to go to Montmartre which I missed out on last time, and which I really regret not visiting. Would love to take pictures of the Tour Eiffel, which I didn't last time cuz I only visited it on the first night, and didn't feel like carrying my camera. Sigh... just thinking about it is making me so excited. If only my French were good enough for me to move there instead of England (ssh...HEHE).

And Paris is so Expensive! This time I don't think I can live more than 2 or 3 days there. My bank account is so wiped out after getting the ticket to England.

Anyone care to give me some spare Euros lying around?

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