Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Idiots on eBay Malaysia

I can't even BEGIN to describe how upset I am. Remember a few posts back about the eBay bidder who bid on my item a few hours before auction end, then apologised for bidding accidentally? What an idiot, right?

Well, I just received a negative feedback from that person because I left him one! Tell me, is it my fault for leaving a negative feedback when someone has caused me so much trouble with relisting the item and only selling it at half the price it was going for before he "accidentally bid" on it?

I'm truly sorry it had to be like this, but I really don't see why someone should leave me negative feedback when I was upset with that person for not being responsible. I also left that negative feedback because I'd emailed that person 2 or 3 times asking about his next action, if he really wanted to buy it... just to let me know what he wanted to do. But NO... no contact at all. What am I supposed to do then? Just sit and wait? I really don't understand Malaysian bidders on eBay. Half of them are GREAT A+++ and the other half are total asses. Typical Asians. Always have to have an eye for an eye.

And now I have this negative feedback on my score, it'll look SO bad when you don't see that "positive feedback score = 100%" on my profile. Aarghh... that's really upsetting!

And to top it off, I'm just waiting to get another negative feedback from this troublesome buyer who's so sarcastic and calls me intolerant for keeping her item for more than 2 weeks after auction end without any contact and leaving her negative feedback. Is it so damn difficult to contact someone?

Curse these monkeys' asses.

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Anonymous said...

Thats worth reporting...its in breach of the ebay contract. He obviously did not read the agreement before he bid.
Ebay may take away his account or give him a harsh warning.
You can also leave argument on negitive feed back, so its not always as bad as it seems.