Friday, February 18, 2005

I seriously need a PEDICURE!!

Going for dinner tonight with the gang... don't know really know where we're going yet, but I hope it's nearby, inexpensive and good.

I'm still wishing for the Return of the King Extended DVD! I know I can get it for myself, but I just feel like I'd rather spend my money on clothes. You know what I mean (if you're a girl).

For the past 3 days I've been so infatuated with Mukluks. You guys know what Mukluks are? They're the most ADORABLE boots with moccasin shoe base and fur from ankle to mid-boot! WOW. And for someone as boot-crazy as I am, it was really a struggle for me not to hit the "Buy It Now" button on eBay. In the end, my practical side won, and I decided to use the money I "would have spent" on the boots, to buy me the new Glamour UK (if it's out - February's seems to be missing) and other casual baby tees.

Okay, some general knowledge here. Mukluks are originally from Canada and incorporates Native Indian design in the form of embroidery or beads on the boot. They use real rabbit fur and the material is usually some animal skin, like sheep skin.

That's it for the general knowledge of the day. Don't you feel a little smarter?

And before people start screaming at me, OF COURSE the boots I was going to buy wasn't made of real rabbit fur! (Those cost more than GBP150 for the cheapest boots) But of course I wouldn't buy things made of cute rabbits' fur! I had 3 rabbits before for goodness' sake. And while I agree it's not nice to keep rabbits shut in a cage (I did let Russ out to run occassionally), better than skinning them and using them as fashion right?

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Anonymous said...

You really like them?...Im so sick of them here, every damn person has them. Plus my hippy side says real fur is BAD.