Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Post-Chinese New Year

Technically it's still CNY, but since people have gone back to work, the holidays seem somewhat over. Today, however, is called "Yan Yat" for the Cantonese, meaning it's "everyone's birthday"!! YIPPEE!

So as you know, I went up to Penang for CNY last week, and no worries, I'm safe... no more tsunamis there.

Penang is a LOVELY place. It was part of the Straits States when we were under the British rule way back when. As a result, it has many old colonial buildings, some turned into heritage mansions, some turned into restaurants and shops, and others demolished in favour of more efficient space-saving condos in prime real estate areas. Here, I have some images of Penang for you who have never seen it.

ps. Penang is also really famous for its food.

I think this is the Assumption catholic church. Tiny, but pleasant looking.

Oh this is the famous Blue Mansion. It belonged to the famous Cheong Fatt Tze who was an incredibly rich and successful Chinese businessman for his time. Apparently his dwelling is absolutely 100% Feng Shui perfect. You can go for a tour of this house and learn more for RM10 Adults. It's really very interesting.

Some Indian shops [Bollywood Indian Fashion and a minimart] next to a Hindu temple.

The oh so famous and oh so posh E&O hotel. Very swish, very expensive, very classy, incredibly beautiful.

Some Chinese shops down a street. Kedai Ubat means medicine shop.

MC Exhibit 3 : This man is not so interesting as others I've seen in Penang, but just wanted to illustrate that Penang is the Land of the Motorcycles.

Peking Hotel, a budget hotel in a nice building. Hopefully there are no rats. Next to it is the SOHO Free House serving home cooked food. Never been there, but looks good.

I think these are Malay shops. The one with the red sign looks like a minimart with the blue ice cream box in front, and the one on the right looks like a clothes shop. Very old-fashioned and quaint, isn't it?

St George's Anglican church, I think. Doesn't it just look so British? You can really see the difference between this and Catholic churches.

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