Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who is the bestest market of them all?

I just got back from a whirlwind visit to the Swan Market in North Rotterdam, my most favouritest market of all.

I'd been to it two months ago (they have it every 2 months) and really enjoyed it, buying 3 handdrawn postcards (which I seem to have misplaced...) and a cute green handbag with the € 10 cash that I had. This is why I love markets. Good stuff for low prices!!

It was a whirlwind visit today because I had to come back in time for my Skype date with the folks back home. I had only 30-40 minutes to look at everything and decide if I wanted/needed anything. In the end, I purchased a nice mint green blouse for € 5 from a very nice-looking girl who has a Facebook page that I intend to visit once I find the card she popped into my bag along with the blouse.

However, the weather has been really horrible and mood swingy the whole week. It rained all day Thursday, was incredibly beautiful on Friday and then rained all day yesterday again. And today it's off and on, like the sky can't decide what it wants to do. So while we were walking around the market, all of a sudden it started pouring and Schrobbenmaster and I ran under the tent of the stall I was touching clothes at. Which was the stall I bought my mint green blouse from :P

Anyway, since I didn't bring my camera today and I lost my photos from two months ago, I stole some photos from the Swan Market website... heehee. These are from the two previous markets.

I really like the way they displayed the oils for sale!

I like her yellow stuff!!

It's more crowded than this. This set of photos were taken at the end of winter, at their second edition, so I think they just needed more publicity.

The photo set below is from the first time I went.

I must say, these buddies are rather expensive for what they are...

Looks absolutely delicious!

So nice!

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