Friday, July 15, 2011

House cleanup, cake and a mushroom chicken dinner

Okay, so we've already moved into the new apartment, and I've promised not to show any photos of the apartment here, but here's a little peek into the cleanup of the house a week ago.

Such a big mess :(

A peek at the dining table we purchased together with the apartment. It's nice eating at a dining table again.

Two cans of friggishly expensive paint. When I was painting the toilet and had literally just a square foot (or 1/4 square metre) left, the paint ran out completely. Had to buy a whole new 1 litre can for € 24. I didn't know the price btw, because Schrobbenmaster had bought the whole set when we first went. Luckily Doc Vicky was keeping me company that afternoon while I was painting and offered to run off to get me the new paint while I scraped the little that was left in the can. Thanks!

A rather larger peek at our hallway and a bit of the office.

The awesome IKEA shelves that Super Harry and Doc Vicky helped us build in our basement. Another big thanks to you guys!

Last weekend, we had a few friends over, including a classmate from my Dutch class, Slovalenka, and her boyfriend, (Slova)Lanky. Hehe to the nicknames. Those who have met them will know what I mean :P

Anyway, we had met for ice cream earlier in the week and Slovalenka offered to bake a cake for us and for the new apartment. Very sweet girl.

Chocolate cherry cake! What a perfect summer cake. It was light and fluffy... the whipped cream was actually yummy (courtesy of Albert Heijn) and the chocolate was the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. I must say I enjoyed this incredibly more than the pasta she cooked for us some months ago... *ahem*

And tonight, in fact, right at this moment, Hanselem is cooking a mushroom chicken piccata for us. His very first cooking night in the new apartment. Ah, making new memories is always nice :)

Taken just before we tasted the gravy, which was a little too vinegary - although we hadn't put any vinegar in it. We have now just added some salt and breadcrumbs to the chicken while the fries are baking in the oven.

This is what I call live blogging, yo. First time ever!

My stomach is pretty much suffering right now, it's already 9.23pm and I haven't eaten since a piece of bread at 4pm. So I'm signing off now and hoping for the best with this dish.


Here's how the meal looked like!

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