Thursday, July 07, 2011

The moving procedure...

It's Thursday, two days before the Big Move (when everything has to be in the new place).

We have fallen waaaaay behind schedule, mainly because we expected to get the keys to a gleaming, nice apartment, but got the opposite instead. Poor apartment, it's not your fault, it's your previous owner's.

I suppose we were being too optimistic to think we could have done everything in a week, but there you go. I think it's a whole long process, this moving house thing, continuing even after the Big Move. But Schrobbenmaster has been really stressed out about it because he had planned things down to the second (well, sort of) and nothing is going right.

Guess this teaches us to be more communicative with each other about each other's plans.

To get my head clear and to not forget anything, I have made a List.

Everything we need to do in three days. Well, two days and an evening.

I like that moving house gives the opportunity to clear out and reorganise everything. You never really feel the urgency to do so when you've already settled in. So I'm going to take advantage of this by taking my time to really figure out what I want and what I don't, and where I should keep them. I've already found about eight spare bulbs, two boxes of fuses and countless sponges and cleaning cloths. Mostly still in their packing. Tsk tsk.

And if any of you are hoping for photos of the new place when it's done, the hoping stops right here. I'm not posting any photos of it. You'll just have to come visit and have the real experience for yourselves.

Updates on the kitchen:

  1. The quote for a new kitchen has come in ranging from € 6000 - 9000, with € 6000 being at the top of our budget.
  2. The reason for getting the more expensive quotes was to get custom-built cupboards that would fit within our floors (the floors are built around the existing cupboards).
  3. If we get a cheaper (smaller) IKEA kitchen, we would need to get new floors, which we've found out costs nearly € 5000.
  4. Hence, we have come up with a brilliant idea - I love it when constraints make you think up creative solutions - instead of installing completely new kitchens, we'll just go back to our existing kitchen manufacturer, Bruynzeel, and replace the less-than-acceptable things and spruce up the rest. Thereby hopefully cutting our cost by half.
  5. We would still need to do the floors though. Schrobbenmaster is pointedly insistent on that point. And I think he has a point, seeing as both he and I have received pointy splinters in our toes at some point.
More updates tomorrow on how the To Do List went... :P
(I wish I had emoticons. Where do I find them??)

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