Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to memorise the new address

We have moved!

This post comes two days late, as I haven't really been able to sit down in front of the computer for more than 10 minutes the entire weekend. And unfortunately I have no photos of the whole moving day last Saturday because I didn't want to be taking photos when other people were helping us out with the house mrgreen

Speaking of whom, everyone who turned up on Saturday to help us is awesome! Thanks so much for the help, it's really, really appreciated! biggrin

Tonight will be the third night in the new place and it's still exciting as heck!

Things I love about the new place:
  1. Walking out of the bedroom into a massive open space
  2. The view, it's glorious during summer
  3. Eating at a nice big dining table
  4. Cooking at a kitchen that's easily accessible and move-aroundable
  5. Weirdly, being able to unpack things and put them in the perfect place cool
Things I don't love about the new place:
  1. It still is full of boxes and crap
  2. I don't have all my cooking utensils with me yet
  3. Have to watch nightly shows on a laptop because the projector is not up yet
  4. No curtains in the bedroom, hence waking up super early with the sun
  5. Everything is mechanical so we were nearly locked in when we misplaced the car park door's remote control (on the other hand, I also love that everything is mechanical and automatic wink)
I think I'm having a sort of burnout from the stress of moving that I haven't felt creative for about a week now. I hate the feeling. Time to grab a book and head to bed early!

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