Thursday, July 07, 2011

The new apartment, a chill Pim, some grammar tidbits and movie stuff

Wow, I didn't realise it had been so long since my last post!


  1. Got the keys to the new apartment (rather cool detail, we are moving from number 33 to 333!)
  2. Spent the whole of last weekend carrying boxes, cleaning and painting. It's supremely tiring! I don't know Mumsy Bumsy can do this on her own, very impressed.
  3. The living room is now entirely white, and the bedroom is my favourite room colour: olivey greeny grey brown. It's gonna look awesome when it's decorated.
  4. I'm on the hunt for cheap, nice-looking boxes and baskets to organise all our rubbish.
  5. Went to Xenos (was already closed), Blokker (only plastic boxes), HEMA (ugly un-cheap stuff, but still got some functional coloured boxes anyway) and V&D (slightly nicer stuff but way more expensive and frankly, not really worth it).
  6. Therefore, IKEA is my last option and I hope I'll find something suitable!
  7. We have gotten quotes for new kitchens from 3 different places. Everything looks so wonderful! I hope we can find a suitably-priced kitchen that we both love soon.
On the Pim front:

  1. Pim has been super stressed for a few weeks now because of the packing and moving, and has therefore seem to have lost his ability to find his litterbox. But when he needs to pee.
  2. After consulting with the vet, Pim now has chill pills as part of his daily diet.
  3. He is now a very nice pet to have, as opposed to the monster we had just a second before the consumption of the first pill.
On the grammar front:
  1. I have another tidbit! It seems that these particular 'c' words are very confusing.
  2. First, Mumsy Bumsy went:
Go check the bus stop round the corner, there is usually a conglomeration of taxis waiting.
Now Schrobbenmaster goes:
It's so rare to see such a big congruation of swallows in one place.

On the movie front:

  1. Watched Transformers 3 in IMAX 3D last week and I enjoyed it! Sure, it was the usual story etc, but it was still very enjoyable, mostly because of the quality of the animation, effects and all the little details they pay attention to.
  2. Is € 15 too much to pay for IMAX 3D? How much is it back in KL?
  3. I can't wait for Harry Potter opening in a week!! Love the haunting tinkling melody.
Now I'm off to make fried rice for dinner, before heading over to the new place to start unpacking more things into the new HEMA boxes I bought!

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