Monday, July 25, 2011

Do something with your life. And Skype-ing with Arran on Asha's birthday.

I've decided.

I want to make a mark on this world.

Hearing so often now of people dying all over the world (think Oslo, Amy Winehouse and Bersih 2.0 for instance) makes me think about life and death. Most of the people who died in Oslo didn't get a chance to make much of mark on the world compared to Amy Winehouse, but I know that every single one of us has the ability to do so.

So while I'm still here, I'm going to make my life worth it. Someone saw fit for me to be in this world, and I'm going to make sure I'm not just this existence who lives, works and then dies with nothing to her name, but someone who made a positive difference in people's lives.

I can start by getting off my ass and doing some hard work ;)


Last Sunday, I Skyped with my dad and family back in KL. It was Asha's birthday that week, so my aunt and grandmother were over for dinner. I Skyped with them after their dinner and got the chance to celebrate my sister's birthday with the family. It was really nice :)

They placed Asha and the cake in front of the webcam and invited me to start singing first. I'm pretty sure there was some lagging in the sing-along, but it was nice to be part of it.

I made screenshots of the 'party', but they're on Schrobbenmaster's laptop and I'll add them later. I was using his laptop because I wanted to take my family on a tour of the new apartment. They seemed impressed and my aunt was just confused as to why we had to pay to change the kitchen cabinets. That confused me as well until she said, "Why doesn't your landlord pay for it??". My stepmum helped to straighten that little misunderstanding out.

Then I showed Pim to my aunt, and she says:

"Why did you get such an ordinary-looking cat? He looks like a cat you can get in Malaysia!"

So I had to explain how Pim entered our lives, not by choice, but through an unhappy situation :( ...  I'm glad we have him though!

It was finally bedtime for the kids, so everyone said goodnight, but somehow left the Skype chat on. Only Yelleh Belleh and Arran were left at the computer, and the normally silent Arran, who only reacts when I stick my eye right into the webcam to make him laugh, suddenly started talking to me animatedly - about spoons.

"Che che... can you see my spoons?"
"I have spoons."
"I can see..."
"I like shiny spoons."
"Me too."
"Do you have spoons?"
"Yes... and a fork."
(I showed him the fork I had used to eat a cake I happened to have in my fridge, which I pretended was Asha's birthday cake)
"I have... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5 spoons."

And so forth.

I love speaking with children. They're so random and fun.

I can't imagine what Yelleh Belleh was doing the whole time next to Arran, but I can't imagine it was stimulating enough to keep her riveted to the chat :P In the end, I had to say Bye to Arran and his spoons because it was time to head to the final instalment of the Harry Potter series. Sad and sentimental :( But I enjoyed the show!

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