Thursday, July 07, 2011

Poster project

Omagad, this is so fun! I find myself trying to think of something else to post so that I can use my new emoticons mrgreen

Although based on what you've seen so far, you probably think I have only one.

Anyway, I DID find something to post about. Did I ever 'advertise' my Tumblr site here? It contains all the eye candy goodness the design world has to offer, at least the things that I stumble on.

Let me also take this opportunity to show my latest poster from my poster project.

Damn, with this old editor I can't resize images the way I can with the new editor. Dilemma! Emoticons vs. images.

Which should I choose?? eek

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Mumsy said...

happy home tidings..exciting chapter, wish we were there..our new place is still a mess, but we'll get there..remember nt to buy too much, collecting clutter is waste of $$ and expensive to cart back to msia.