Sunday, April 04, 2010

McDonald's fries and Harry/Alejo's birthday party

There were a few wonderful days last week when I thought, hey, if this is Spring, I love it!

But now I realise those days were a freak of nature :(

A few days ago, I looked out the window and it was dropping ice.

That was the day Voldemort or Sauron or the Dementors were passing by. It was sunny as Hawaii all morning, when all of a sudden, the temperature dropped, I had to grab a sweater, it started ice-ing, but a few minutes later, the sun came out to say "Hi!" again.

Strange lah!

While out walking a few days ago in the city, I felt a craving for fries. I love McDonald's fries and you righteous people out there, don't you start lecturing me about it.

I told Schrobbenmaster that I wanted fries from McDonald's and he said that it was so unhealthy, why not try the better ones just a few metres away? I was all, "But I like McD's fries!". Why won't people just understand that a little bad craving once in a while never did anyone any harm?

Anyway, I decided to try this Bram Ladage version, since it was supposedly better.

I wonder if the people who work there eat those "healthier than McD's" fries all the time.

I was disappointed to find out they were the normal Dutch fries, which are thick. May I say again that there's a reason I like McD's fries?! They are thin, they are salty and most of the time they are not crispy enough to hurt my gums!

I have to say I didn't really enjoy the fries.


I mentioned earlier that I had attended my first house party in Rotterdam over the weekend. We actually had two to attend, one was nearby and the other, we had to take a tram too. Could have biked, but I was not so keen to bike at night where there are a scarcity of street lamps and my light is not working. Plus, it was windy, rainy and cold.

First party we attended was for two of Schrobbenmaster's ex-classmates at Hogeschool Rotterdam, Harry and Alejo.

Schrobbenmaster counting the number of shoes he has, which he says is, "Altijd niet genoeg!". Asia is looking at him in amusement, but is actually wondering if she should buy that dress she saw earlier that day.

Joel, Harry and Janne, who just came back from a 5-month work/holiday in Australia.

Schrobbenmaster: Come, Alejo, I have some photos of my shoes in here. I really need some darker black ones to constrast with my light white sweater.

Alejo: Yah yah, just show me some naked pics.

The grand opening of presents.

Why is it that guys love kissing each other at parties?! The only difference with back home in KL is that these two aren't even drunk.

Ciao for now!


Rik van der Kroon said...

Shoes? Wow, I can't remember that conversation at all. You must have spiked my Coke.

frachely said...

what do they mean by "healthier fries"?!?! blasphemy!!

McD's fries FTW! :P

Mumsy said...

i think McD's fries are the healthiest of the unhealthy... so go for it, girl! :)