Wednesday, April 07, 2010

eenbrauw's birthday and the horrible Bagels n Beans

Last weekend, the day after Harry and Alejo's party, we had eenbrauw's birthday to celebrate as well. I think this is the most social I've been so far in Rotterdam, hehe.

Beer drinkers...

Separated at birth? Looks like Bert loves a good beer as well.

Displayed in full glory above the TV. Watching over everything that happens in the house.

eenbrauw has two cats, one of which actually fetches his toy. This is Fetch. Cute, but I still don't think I could live long enough to wait for him to fetch his toy each time. This is how it goes:

1. You throw the toy
2. He looks at you
3. He thinks for a bit
4. He turns his head
5. He thinks some more
6. Your eyes go watery from staring at him, waiting
7. He takes one step
8. Two steps
9. At the tenth step, he sniffs the toy
10. He sits
11. He sniffs the string
12. He picks up the string
13. Brings it back

So this is cat version of Fetch? Gimme an eager and excited doggie any day!

That's the more catty Scratch behind Schrobbenmaster. He fights.

Schrobbenmaster was hurrying to the tram so he simply pressed the snap button on my camera, hence our super white faces.

Then he felt guilty and took another one at a safer distance.

On Easter Monday, we went in search for a place that might be open. Over here, they get Easter Sunday and Monday as a holiday. Makes it extremely difficult to go shopping for groceries.

I know it's a pretty large picture to have to scroll to view, but doesn't it look like a form of acrobatics, just wearing shoes?

Our usual Bagels n Beans was closed, so we headed into the city for a stroll, and ended up at the Bagels in the Selexyz & Donner bookstore instead. Which is pretty horrible. Slow and inefficient service, and their friggin mochaccino tasted like cappucino, only with chocolate froth.

Not going back again!

Walking outside, we heard someone on a loudspeaker. Turns out it was some publicising event for Le Tour de France. It starts off from Rotterdam in July.

There are biking games in that stand, but not sure what people have to do. Maybe just bike the furthest. If you're having this sort of game in Dutchland, better be prepared for people to be sitting there playing for at least an hour before they get tired.

I think I'm coming down with a cold or flu. Ever since the sun came out in full force yesterday and we went for a stroll outside, I've been blowing my nose like mad. No, it's not hay fever because I had that before and this feels like a normal flu.

Yes, Mumsy Bumsy, I have taken my vitamins.


Mumsy said...

then also take lots and lots of fresh juice...shud be plentiful and cheap there... and it helps to get enuf sleep

frachely said...

i might have passed the germs to u via msn :P

Oh and i had the same prob when I was in Italy last year during easter boo

Schola said...

Schrobbenmaster look 'odd' on the second pic..hahaha u take care girl

shoobaba said...

schola: haha, he looks like he's trying to keep his drool in or something. must be the cake?

rach: yeah the christian party in NL is pretty strong so we get a lot of religious rules, like not working on sundays - but apparently because of economic and practical reasons, they allow shops to open for 4 hours on sunday afternoons. and of course, easter they're closed, sometimes on good friday even. and they have two days off for easter, did i mention that?

do you even read back the replies to your comments? haha :D

mumsy: will get enough sleep now that i'm working! just still always a struggle to get up at 7am in the cold, bleh!