Friday, April 09, 2010

5 year old photo and birthday video, Chicken Katsu Don, specialist liquor store and Markthal Rotterdam

When I was still back in KL in the midst of Operation Bye Bye KL, I had a dinner and drinks get together at my place with Bin, Thila, Tall Jac, Tequila Lin and Dan the Drinker.

Bin had shown me a photo and a video he had taken ages ago of me. He had always just transferred his files over every time he got a new phone.

This is of me when I was bartending in 789 and Bin came to visit. I remember making him some blue cocktail. Think it was called French Connection. This must've been about 5 years ago!

That's of my birthday at home, I think it must also have been about 5 years ago, in 2005. I'm not sure, but I think that might have been the year Sharry Berry made my birthday cake, a really awesome chocolatey... orangey cake? It was really nice!

Back from memory lane...

A few days ago, Schrobbenmaster and I popped into a Thai minimarket for the first time, close by our place. Finally, an Asian store nearby where we can get soy sauce and sushi rice easily! We always had to bike to Chinatown to get our Asian ingredients. It's not very far, but not that close either.

We picked up a small bag of sushi rice, so I decided to make Chicken Katsu Don.

You can thank Schrobbenmaster for the awful photo-taking. And I apologise for the pathetic attempt at Filter > Sharpen on Photoshop. There's not much you can do with a bad photo, right? Ah, when I displayed smaller photos here, it was much easier.

Even if that doesn't look very Chicken Katsu Don-ish, it tasted nice, okay!

We also stumbled upon a new liquor shop which markets itself as being a specialist store. Schrobbenmaster is looking for a specific sake which he drank a long time ago and has been searching for ever since. He doesn't know the name but has photos, which he emailed the store owner. Good thing frachely reads Japanese and managed to get the name for him as well.

The liquor store is really nice! They've made it look very old-style, vintage, Cheers-looking. I think I could hang out there all day.

And I thought MY phone camera was bad.

In the centre of Rotterdam, just 5-10 minutes walk from us, they're gonna construct a huge Markthal (Market Hall), consisting of shops, stalls, supermarkets, offices and condominiums.

They display the number of days to completion. Kinda cool. The Markthal is that big grey arch above the number 1885.

Let's just hope they do finish it on time, or that big number display is gonna be way embarrassing.

Just look at the silly Zouk Cafe in The Gardens, Mid Valley that proudly displayed "Opening December 2009" several months before, and when it actually reached December, then January, and then February, they just duct-taped over the "December 2009". How dumb!!!

And now I leave you with this really cute photo of my two dogs. I had gone out for a bit and they just lay at the door, waiting for me to come home. Sigh, I wonder how they feel now? :(


Rik van der Kroon said...

The 1885 is not days to completion, it's the number of poles they still have to hammer into the soil for the foundation.

Mumsy said...

hey dts 789, and dt looks like JJ behind u. all gd memories. dogs miss u too, they whisperd to me