Sunday, April 04, 2010

My family say the darndest things

People who are excellent in English make the funniest mistakes sometimes.

To recall some from the top of my head...

Mumsy Bumsy, when advising on how to get a cab into town on a Friday night, when no cab company wanted to pick up my call:

"You should walk up the road towards my condo, there are usually taxis who conglomerate there."

And, while Schrobbenmaster's first language isn't English, he is pretty darn better than most Malaysians. And yet...

"Even when it's cold outside, wearing so many layers makes me transpire."

"We have something like Halloween here as well. During Sint Maarten, kids go around people's houses carrying lampoons and asking for candy."

Yelleh Belleh has countless, but omigosh, I can't think of any right now. What was that about the baked beans not being beans?

If anyone else remember Yelleh Belleh's precious moments, I thank you very much if you would leave them in the comments section :D

Till then, I shall leave you with a poster which makes me miss Malaysia. Even though I haven't been to one in ages.


frachely said...

Haiyo, most Malaysians is not speak good Engrish oso waaaaaat :P

elleLee said...

:( i feel so small.

i think my most recent mistake was wanting to say it's an acquired taste but said acquainted taste. there you go. happy? :(