Sunday, June 07, 2009

A piece of uninspired writing

I don't think I've ever travelled so much in a short space of time as I have this year. First, Bangkok in early April, then Australia in late May and I've just come back from Pulau Rawa a few days ago.

Rawa was really nice. Very small beach, about 10 minutes walk from one end to the other, and yet even though Rawa Safaris (where we stayed) was probably about 75% occupied, it still felt very private. Accommodation and food was of really bare minimum quality, but good enough. I'd say it's better than Le Club though, which looked more backpacker and budget-friendly.

I didn't take any photos while there, unfortunately.

I still intend to put up some photos of the obstacle course Yelleh Belleh did a few weekends ago, which are on my phone, but my Bluetooth has very nicely decided not to work and I'll have to dig out the cable from the box. Will get to that soon. I guess.

Feeling quite uninspired to post at the moment so I'd better stop before my standard of writing seriously drops and I lose the two people who actually read this!

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