Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day out with Maniacal Musicmaker

Met up with Maniacal Nick for lunch today at Chawan. Then went shopping at Village Grocer and he found this really weird yogurt thingy.

On one side of a decidedly ugly wrapper is a picture of food... I suppose to tell you how to use your yogurt on food. Hmm. And on the other side...

... a picture of a woman with a yogurt mask on her face. Uh, yeah... we should so get this yogurt cuz it has such multiple abilities. Gawd, it's just gross to eat from a yogurt tub that has a picture of a woman looking like that.

At another aisle, Maniacal Nick was checking out some... painkillers, I think... and in the same section was this:

Durex Play, a lubricant for intimate moments, placed between Panadol, SlimUp (shouldn't it be Slim Down instead, though?), mosquito repellent and a fever patch for kids. Yes, very good place indeed. So easy for people to find what they're looking for.

Strange things!

1 comment:

astute said...

Its like they are trying to tell a story.

In order to have an intimate moment, the guy or girl has to get more slim, so he has to use that.

Then, when the intimate moment is a bit too rough, you might need panadol. Or, you know, when the wife moans about a headache, you might need to bring that as well. "Honey, not tonight, I have a headache" ---"But darling, that is fine, I brought panadol"

The fever patches I guess is for after the 9 month intimate moment, but that one is a stretch.

And the mosquito spray is for when your guy or girl is a real leech and you want to get rid of them so you repel them using the bug spray.

It's like a kit, you can buy it all in one go.