Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good morning Engrish

So I received an amusing email this morning.

I host my Goodputty Design website with a Company X (apparently will be sued for libel, so have to use Brand X... so sensitive!), and in one of their newsletters some time ago, I was attracted to and then signed up for a Blog X account owned by them, intending to migrate from here.

I ended up liking it better here, so I stayed, but my account with Blog X remained as well. Totally forgot about it till this morning, when I received an email from Company X saying that they're migrating platforms and informing me of the changes that would take place on my Blog X.

Was about to delete the email until I saw a few interesting 'Engrish' sentences, and I decided to read it for a few good morning smiles. Didn't disappoint! It slowly but surely got worse as the email went on. Here are snippets for your funny bone's pleasure.

See how many errors you can find!


Dear Valued Blog X Users,

First of all, thank you for your continuous support over the Blog X.


You may encounter difficulties on accessing to your blog during the entire migration process.

We truly understand the importance of your blogs to you personally or to your business. Therefore, we will strive our best efforts in this migration process.


Due to both Blog X and WordPress are of two different platform, we are regret to inform you that the existing blog template is non-migratable.


Please be sure that your primary blog URL will remain unchanged. However, your additional blog URL will be replaced with a new URL as per example below:


If happen that your host name is being taken by others, an additional numeric characters will be appended at the back of the name such as


We apologize for any inconvenient cause during this migration. We believes that by the end of this migration, you will have a great experience on hosting your blog with Company X.


I counted 16 mistakes!

Actually, they are in the entire email. Oh gawd, and such kindergarten mistakes as well! One major peeve of mine in official emails is when people use "as per example" or "as per the email below"... stupid "as per"! Use it properly if you want to use it!


shoobaba said...

hehe kel, thanks for the heads up. i'd written it all with names n stuff then changed it to Brand X. missed that one word out. and obviously had to reject your comment NAMING COMPANY X. :P

Nudie boy said...

Pretty Good