Monday, June 29, 2009

MJ will be missed

True, he hasn't really made an impact to me in recent years, and so it's unlikely he would've made an impact if he hadn't passed, but all the same, it's sad that that skinny bundle of pure talent is gone. Makes it all the worse, really, when you hear his songs on the radio, or see his videos on TV. Some people aren't able to, but I always look past the image and controversy, and see his real achievements and legacy. His mistakes in society were due to a mentality that's so different from what you and I, so-called normal people, could experience. Child-abused and in the limelight since pre-teens would make anyone somewhat see things in a different way than what's considered the norm. And of course, everyone makes mistakes. Just when you're as famous as him, mistakes are seen a hundred times worse.

Well, rest in peace then, dear Michael. There'll be no more suffering on Earth for you.

(Btw, I was reminded on Channel V last night of his songs from the History album, which are so rarely played in favour of songs like Thriller and Beat It. I actually really like those History songs - Scream, Earth Song, Stranger in Moscow, Childhood... I had the cassette tapes when I was younger, but I guess the CDs will be re-released in some expensive package now.)

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Mumsy said...

well posted, shoobaba, my exact sentiments... its so so sad n so unfortunate he didnt redeem himself on time..what a sad life.