Sunday, June 07, 2009

PHOTOS: Melbourne May 2009

As promised, here are a few of them. The rest are on Facebook, and others are just not interesting enough for the general public :)

Bea in preparation for her wedding over the weekend.

Happy Janice and I walked to the supermarket one afternoon to get a couple of necessities. And came back with this lot.

My iBook's plug is quite loose when plugged into the international adaptor, so Happy Janice and I came up with the brilliant idea of using loads of cellophane tape to the plug to the adaptor. We'd succeeded in making it stay, when Marcus came in and said, "Why don't you just put a stack of books under it?".

Happy Janice and I waiting at the tramstop outside Julz's apartment.

Bea in her wedding gown and coat, after the superb wedding lunch, waiting to be sent home :P

The wedding entrée. So so so yummy. Forgot to take photos of the courses following this.

And a big jump to the Daylesford one night trip. Our four coffees at The Gourmet Larder.

Zlynn playing in the big autumn leaves at the Lavender Farm.

Sharry Berry and I camera syncing. Such superpowers.

Zlynn admiring a painting in The Convent Gallery. The girl in the painting does look quite charming.

Schrobbenmaster Rik camwhoring his own beautiful blue eyes.

Glorious blue and yellow Cirque tents!

Crowd in the Grand Chapiteau being entertained by the clowns while waiting for Dralion to start.

The Dralion stage.

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