Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crossing my fingers and wishing hard

Received good news in the mail this morning, so am pretty relieved. Just waiting for the next step now with crossed fingers.

Once the beach towels dried on the rack, they stopped stinking. But I think I'm gonna chuck them in for another round just for luck.

Yikes, 1.30pm and I haven't had lunch!

Oh, and I've been meaning to update my readers on that supposed "park for pets" near my place. Remember a few weeks back, when I was chased out of the main playground because I had two little dogs with me? Well, I drove past the area where the guy said pets are allowed, and OMG....... it's just a square piece of gravel land, about the size of a typical coffee shop ground floor (it's actually a parking lot at night). And in there, I saw about 10 dog walkers, half of them Caucasians, just standing around pathetically with their really nice dogs. I felt so bloody sorry for them and their dogs. Gawd, I'm gonna be one of them.

Come on, man, give us a break! At least set aside, even a small space, a place with proper grass and benches at the very least!

Will try to snap a photo one day I'm there.

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