Monday, June 08, 2009

A Monday in the life of Me

Oh gawd, I just took the beach towels out from the bucket where they were soaking, and they stink like a sewer! The water was brown and was so so gnarly. And then I found out that someone had chucked in my bikini and Zara top in as well. Thank you.

Put them in for a good wash in the machine and they still stink. Not as bad as before, but hopefully after the second round that's running right now, it'll be alright.

Sent some compulsory work back for feedback this morning (that has literally taken MONTHS to complete, and wait, isn't completed yet), and can finally move on to something interesting. Working on something for the Souled Out group now.

Had a good rant with two friends (one of whom is frachely), who supported and assured me that I am doing the right thing in insisting that someone moves out.

Hopefully I get some kind of resolution by the end of the week. Or I might end up with severe sleep deprivation.

Mid-year resolution: Keeping my plants alive and well.

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blacksheep said...

Good luck with your plants