Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Locked out!

So, to continue my week of drama (yes you are missing something because I shan't write about the drama I faced on Monday night - you know who you are... yes, you)...

I went out this morning to drop a mockup with a client, then thought I'd come home and have a nice afternoon finishing up other work and doing some housework before I leave for Melbourne tomorrow morning. So came home all hungry and thirsty (cuz I rushed out in the morning), unlocked my door, pushed it, and it got stuck... locked and unlocked again, pushed it, and it opened... 2 inches! BECAUSE THE DAMN LATCH HAD BEEN PUSHED INTO LOCK POSITION BY THE BLOODY STRONG WIND! (Okay partly my fault since I left the balcony doors open to let the wind in).

So I digged a card out of my purse (first used my IC, then decided I'd be in even more trouble if it broke, so used my Bonuslink card... see it can be useful sometimes) to try pushing the latch back. Which of course didn't work. So gave a huge sigh of frustration (which echoed in the corridors rather marvelously) and went down to call the house technician. Who looked incredulously at me and came up with a guard. And on the way up they were talking about how this could've happened, and the technician goes sarcastically, "Tak taulah, tanya dia!" as if I don't bloody understand Malay.

Anyway, they came to check out the situation, laughed at me to themselves, then went down to get a long metal ruler. The guard tirelessly worked at my latch for half an hour, and finally got the bolts out and the latch came loose. Allelujah! Allelujah! In the middle of it, I really felt like taking a photo of him and calling it "How to Break and Enter Using a Metal Ruler". But then I thought he might not like it as I could frame him for breaking into my house and getting him fired and possibly deported back to wherever he comes from. Darn phones with camera snapping sound effects!

I was just thinking, "Thank goodness I don't have to use the toilet right now."

Never been so happy to see my door open. Never ever.

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